On the 16th of July we were delighted to hold an unveiling event for Terry’s Memorial sculpture.

The event was attended by Terry’s family, friends as well as Provewell and commissioned artists Abner Harris and Joe Boyce. Many people from the warehouses joined us to commemorate his life and the work he did within the warehouse community. This was a very touching afternoon for all who came and knew Terry.

IMG_1589 Abner Harris:… ‘This piece is a memorial to our good friend Terry Waite. Terry was vigorous and tough with a wry sense of humour, yet at the same time he was loyal, kind and even a bit sweet where the people for whom he cared were concerned. 

The fact that he is climbing, apart from the obvious ascension reference, derives from the fact that Terry was an irrepressible climber until the very end; whether clambering up gas pipes onto the roof on the Arena or ladders on small ledges to inspect just what is going on in a ceiling, any excuse would do. 
Why a rose bush? well, Terry had told me he enjoyed growing roses at home and in the end his ashes were spread under his rose bush. The rose bush with it’s flowers and thorns can also be seen as analogous to this hard sort of guy with a soft side. 
I chose to construct him in the manner we did (rough wields painted with red iron oxide) because that was the sort of guy Terry was in my experience: no nonsense and functional, yet still a work of art. The red iron oxide paint is essentially the modern equivalent of red ochre. a materiel used since before the last ice in funerary rites and rituals. 
Now his statue stands in one car park where he made the rules within sight of his old office, a tribute not only to a stand up guy who helped out the Arena, but to a full life well lived and not forgotten.’…

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