Alex Simopoulos created  a vibrant  mural for a previously unloved wall at Arena. He has received a lots of positive support from Arena residents resulting in it being commissioned by the Haringey Arts Village Fund. Not only did the residents support the mural’s application but also lent a helping hand and some striking bamboo plants were donated to make it complete.  

… ‘It has been a great experience for me, as it helped me to realise a project I have been thinking about for quite a long time but never have the budget to fund it. It has been the biggest mural I have painted in London and for the first time I have experimented with incorporating plants and moss paint. I think that is really positive that our warehouses’ residents can get the funding and be employed to work on their projects which stay within the community.’

Look at the creative process of the mural and Alex Simopoulos’ another projects


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