Pallet Planters

Forget rolling out the paddling pool and part the BBQs to the side…a new summer activity is racing through Haringey’s warehouse community – gorilla gardening! In June, a collection of warehouse residents on Overbury Road got together to create a series of unique planters from industrial pallets, the results are stunning and their herbs have been feeding the whole street. In case you were ‘green’ with envy, they’ve created a ‘How To Guide’ with a hope everyone will get on board:


1 x Pallet
Handful of nails
Pot of paint
Sand paper
IKEA bag or similar woven bag
A pansy or two
Old cup
Wooden spoon
Pint glass of water
A can of Red Stripe


1. Collect a pallet from the Omnibus (speak to Alay or Henry – they may even lend you their nifty pallet splitter)

2. Take off three alternate panels and use these to create the base of each planter

3. Bang them in place with a few nails

4. Give your planter a quick sand to knock the dirt off

5. Use an old ikea bag or woven fabric bag to line your planter

6. Pop a few holes in the lining to let the water drip out

7. A splash of paint gives it a new life (remember to paint the rims)

8. Ollie @No.3 had big bolts and the tools to attach it to a wall (he’ll do most things for a tinny of Red Stripe)

9. Add some shingle to the bottom of each planter, top up with soil and fill with flora

10. Give it a good dousing with water, sit back and admire


We’d love to see your creations – send us all your green fingered conquests!