Open Warehouse Day, Manor House

In the Summer of 2013, a number of warehouse’s in Haringey opened up their doors and set up stalls to showcase the hidden talent of the residents.

An idea created collaboratively through group meetings with warehouse residents, the first Open Warehouse Day was hosted on Overbury Road and Catwalk Place (Manor House). Instead of showcasing everyone’s talents in a traditional networking environement, the idea was to allow neighbours and fellow creatives to peek behind each warehouse door and see what talents lay behind. Participants at the first Open Warehouse Day had the chance to contribute to a 24 hour album recording, shake their face for a photo project, drink their efforts at making a warehouse cocktail, wander through giant jelly fish and relax in a cabaret.

Thank you to Juliet Lano, Persphone Film Productions and Catwalk Place resident, for creating the video of Open Warehouse Day 2013.