Exit Productions

Kicking off 2014, Haringey Arts were pleased to be able to support James Farrimond, Arena resident, with both financial and promotional assistance for his immersive theatre production ‘Exit’. Performed in his warehouse unit, the show took small groups of audience a rather unusual journey including live music, performance and some impressive lighting effects.

We caught up with James to find out more about how he got this production off the ground.

What made you decide to do it here?

When I first moved into the warehouse a few years ago, I was fascinated with how the space could be adapted to create theatrical productions. I remember spending weeks posting an endless web of post-it notes on my walls of ideas for the space. Everything from Shakespeare dinner theatre to electro-acoustic pieces. It has always been such an exciting concept to do a production in a space I’m living in, so when it occurred to me to adapt EXIT for the warehouse I was very excited.

The great thing about working on a site-specific project is that it means you can really explore and use the space that you’re working in, rather than being tied down by the constraints of traditional theatre spaces. Being able to use bedroom windows as a shadow screen or getting the audience to move to different spaces around the warehouse helps create more levels to the story I was trying to tell.

How did Haringey Arts help?

Without the backing of Haringey Arts it would have been impossible to do the production. When putting on a site-specific immersive project, there are so many intricate factors that come into play, so having their support meant the issues and obstacles that would have made the show difficult to produce, easier to tackle. Alongside this and their help with promotion and acquiring financial support from Provewell Ltd, I’m incredibly grateful.

What’s next for ‘Exit’?

At the moment I’m in talks with venues and the Edinburgh Festival with the aim to do a month’s run this year. Naturally given the site-specific nature of the piece it’s proving somewhat of a challenge, but with the support of Haringey Arts and some of the amazing people in the warehouse community I’m confident I’ll be able to pull it off. In time I hope to do more exciting events and theatre pieces in our community. So watch this space!