Max Braiser Jones has been awarded a commission from the Haringey Arts Village Fund, to create a mural in Arena.

Max has for sometime been keen to create a bold, highly detailed mural in Arena warehouse community. To support his case he polled local residents to gain their support – demonstrating to the local landlord a clear interest in his installation.

He describes his approach as:

“My paintings are made up of an accumulation of interests and obsessions that have already been, to make what I hope is something new. From my early years of being interested in the surreal subject matter of science fiction, to my teenage days exploring the almost psychedelic colours of graffiti. All of these things have shaped my work creating surreal, at times dream-like, enigmatic charactescapes.”

Planned to start later this month, the paintings above give you an idea of his approach – but you’ll have to wait until you visit the wall in person to see the finished creation.

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