Two days of toil and Pallet Paradise is starting to take shape. We visited the creators to find out how the top pick Time Out event is being realised.

A team of 8 artists and 3 architects have been working for over a year to create Pallet Paradise, which sees recycled pallet boxes turned into an immersive installation in a Tottenham carpark, at Omnibus. The labyrinth of performance spaces and secret rooms will house works combining digital, craft, sculpture, storytelling, music and painting for people to discover and be entertained by.

Why have you only started the build with one week to go?

“It’s a logistical nightmare working with so many pallet boxes.” explains Joe Wright, architect and co-creator. “We had a delivery of the pallet boxes late last week, we’ve been itching to get cracking.”

Is the build going to plan?

“Plans!” laughs Jenna Jardine, 3D artists and co-creator. “We had several plans through the past year – but its fair to say the final plan is starting to be realised”. At Haringey Arts think they’re understating the shape of the space – having been talked through their plans last week, it is amazing to see how close the physical structure is to their imagined Pallet Paradise.

There’s a lot of pallets – have you done this on your own?

“As if, we’ve been lucky enough to have two warehouse residents who are also architects help and a lot of the artists involved have been heavily involved” said Joe. “We’ve roped in friends and other residents – a lot of people have been up close and personal with pallets this weekend.” adds Jenna.

What’s it like working with pallets?

Joe takes no time in answering this question, “it’s like being a big kid” (he has a son age 3, so he’d know), “you can create spaces really quickly when you lay them on their side”. Ever aware of health and safety, Joe is also quick to explain that the structure gets stronger every time you add a new element. “My challenge is I get distracted” said Jenna, “there are so many ways you can view the space, it’s like a wooden kaleidoscope”.

Follow the build…

The build of Pallet Paradise will continue all week. 8 interactive artist installations will be added and pop-up performers will get their first chance to see the performance arena within which they’ve been invited to perform. We’ll catch up with the team as the space develops, for now you can see this weekend’s progress in the instagram gallery below.



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