An amazing opportunity to perform in arguably the most unique venue Haringey has ever seen! With media coverage from Time Out and London Live, this is a priceless opportunity to gain exposure.

A team of eight artists and three architects have been working for over a year to create Pallet Paradise, which sees 629 recycled pallet boxes turned into an immersive installation in a Tottenham carpark, at Omnibus. The labyrinth of performance spaces and secret rooms will house works combining digital, craft, sculpture, storytelling, music and painting for people to discover and be entertained by.

The creators have announced a series of slots for musicians, street performers, actors and general entertainers over the two day event. If you fancy occupying a hidden pallet booth or performing on a stage of pallets they want to hear from you. The team are also interested in anyone who wants to run a short workshop, showcase a hidden talent or even give a short talk during the family friendly afternoon.

Acoustic performances are preferred, although some amplification can be provided.

Email Pallet Paradise volunteer, James West to get involved. Email>>



Friday 16 October – Press Launch – 18:00 – 22:00
Saturday 17 October – Pallet Paradise – 12noon – 22:00
Sunday 18 October – Pallet Paradise – 12noon – 18:00

This is a not-for-profit community event, there’s no budget – but we’ll give you a drink and plenty of coverage in return!

pallet paradise light performance   pallet paradise mirror


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