Back in Autumn 2014, one of Haringey Arts Village Fund Commissions, was The Ribbon Factory Library Wall.

The Ribbon Factory Library Wall was the first Library Wall produced by Artefacto, and since creating this initial prototype the project has gone international, with Library Walls now digitally disseminating books in Pakistan and India!

The project also claimed the British Library’s BL Labs Entrepreneurial Award runner-up prize in November 2015, which you can read about here.

Fixed to the outside wall of 10a Overbury Road, and created by Artefacto, a creative technology company based in the warehouse community, Library Wall is a digital bookshelf: enabling anyone walking by to scan a book title and watch as it downloads onto their smartphone or other mobile device. Since the launch of the bookshelf (which was streamed live), it’s also been tweeting out every title downloaded.

Linking the physical with the digital is an aspect which Artefacto see as intrinsic to Library Wall. Exploring new and creative ways that books and other cultural resources can be shared in real, physical public spaces, and curating items that have a real, physical resonance with the locality of an installation were some of the ground rules that co-founders Kate and Sara established for the Library Wall concept. Celebrating the role of public libraries in providing open access to cultural content, Artefacto ‘s Library Walls also use open technologies and open formats to remind the public of the role public libraries can play in enabling access to our commonwealth of culture. Future steps for the project are to move into next-gen technologies, and look for partners and collaborators interested in contributing to new Library Wall site locations and content – why not send us an email if you’d like to get involved?

Read about why Artefacto came up with the Library Wall concept and how they went about making it here.

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