For two year’s running Haringey Arts and Provewell Ltd have supported inHOUSE Festival. We caught up with warehouse resident and Festival Director, Alay Paun to find out what motivated him to create this landmark event in the Haringey calendar…


What inspired you to set up inHOUSE?

>> inHOUSE was a response to the precarious situation of the warehouse community with regards the council and the ever-growing threat of property developers and their wonderful vision of a high-rise London. It was a way of galvanising the people that live in this unique area into collaborating on a big project, something to make people sit up and take notice, it was a chance to showcase our collective talents and highlight exactly what would be lost from Manor House if we were to leave and be replaced by empty, ‘affordable’ flats.

Why base it in the warehouse community?

>> It was inspired by my surroundings. Moving into the warehouses in 2012 I finally found somewhere to live that actually felt like a community. So myself and Juliet organised Catwalk Fayre, a Christmas market, to meet the neighbours. It went really well so I began plotting bigger events including Mayday at the Manor and last years inHOUSE Film Festival. Each time I meet more of the folk that inhabit these weird industrial buildings and I like this place a little more.

What sort of challenges do you face organising this type of event?

>> Initial recruitment to the cause was slow. People are keen but need a lot of cajoling and obviously everyone has their own projects they’re working on, and their own paid jobs to contend with.

Convincing people that I wasn’t some random loon was also a hurdle I had to leap. Showing them that this was something I fully believed in and was 100{4d1c512d884fb9dbaf49cb01cdf4a07fead812ed00fec48f41597a531f3d84bf} dedicated to, ploughing months of my life and all of my savings into it. After my first Mayday event though I had a good base of friends in the area who were supportive and helpful, jumping in whenever I needed help.

There’s so much to do, how do you keep up the motivation?

>> One task at a time – endless lists adorn my walls and notebooks, and I’m constantly recruiting more people to delegate jobs out to. Keeping the end in sight at all times and remembering that no matter what, something will happen. When you get to a certain point and you feel the momentum is there to keep going, then you can breathe again. It helps that I’ve now run a few of these events so I know how much fun they can be and how it’ll all be worth it in the end. I can sleep in June.

If someone didn’t come last year, what can they expect?

>> The 2015 edition is massively different to last year’s. It isn’t based around a single venue, its been split across fifteen warehouses. If you don’t want to go out, don’t worry there’s probably an event next door to you, or even in your house. There’s film screenings dressed up as red carpet galas, gigs and performers, a fashion exhibition built into a space made from pallets, photographs and plays on an old Welsh bus, workshops and galleries, installations and comedy. What started out as a film festival in 2014 has quickly spawned into a fringe festival. Something for everyone. And if there’s not? Its up to you to make it happen in 2016.


1 – 10 May 2015


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