Roll up, roll up and jump on board the inHOUSE bandwagon, rolling into town now to bring you the best the Manor has to offer. The festival will run in early May and we already have a few things lined up.

Sponsored by Haringey Arts, last year’s edition was awesome and we’re really pleased to hear the organisers we want to do it again, but this time They Want You!.. to open your doors and become part of the festival.

The plan is to put on small events in loads of warehouses. Screenings, gigs, installations, live performances, whatever you’ve got, they want it.

So get in touch if you are an artist, performer or musician, a designer, event manager or filmmaker, or anything at all.

Get in touch if you want to put an event on in your warehouse, they can help with promotion, content, operations, whatever you need.

Send them your thoughts via this form:

Let’s make this year even better.

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