Haringey Warehouse Community is featured as an example of effective practice in a major regeneration conference in Milan.

A case study on how the Haringey Warehouse Community has been developed via the application of art in an urban city space, was one of 30 European case studies featured. Held during Milan Design Week in April, the exhibition attracted 1000s of people intrigued to understand interesting urban spaces in more detail.

The full case study, along with others completed, can be viewed here>>

Human Cities is a concept created in 2006 by the Belgian association Pro Materia and co-funded from 2014-2018 by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union. It is a platform of interdisciplinary exchanges. This European network is about exploring the way in which the inhabitants reclaim the constantly evolving contemporary city (especially through experiments in the urban space) and ways of (re)inventing city life, as sources of wellbeing and quality of life. These structural changes are impacting both people and places like shops in town and city centres. Today this project is led by Cité du Design from Saint-Etienne.


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