• Putting Art on the Map
    When we started artists were hidden. Now Haringey's Warehouse Community is valued as an asset by the Local Authority, local organisations know it exists and how they can benefit. It is now recognised as a home of exceptional creative talent.
  • Connections Run Deep
    Over the past decade the community has grown from 100s to 1000s of people living in warehouses. Through several events each year, we helped artists through this transition. Creating connections that now run deep through the warehouse community.
  • We unlocked over £100,000 of investment to co-commission projects within the Warehouse Community. This not only leaves a unique footprint on the physical environment, but also the culture and commitment to continue commissioning local artists through the Village Fund - which still lives on.
  • A True Collaboration
    None of Haringey Arts achievements were done alone. Every project, every opportunity, every event was achieved through dedicated people often giving their time for free. Partners, Sponsors, Advocates all helped change the way the area is viewed and will share in the collective legacy for years to come.


Started in 2008, Haringey Arts was on a mission to connect the emerging warehouse community in Haringey.
In 2018, the Directors took the decision to close the organisation having achieved all of the original aims.

This is our story,  saved for prosperity.

Haringey Arts
2008 - 2018