Like many of the Manor House residents based at Arena, Overbury Rd, Catwalk Place, Cara House and Eade Rd we were sadden by the news of Terry’s death.

He was a genuine legend. Many of you dealt with him on various occasions and had a number of experiences through which his character and humour played a great role… And many of you also think of him with a warm heart and a big smile.

Haringey Arts’ initiative to commission Terry’s Memorial has been welcomed and approved by the local landlord and Provewell.

We would like to offer an artist or a collaboration of artists the opportunity to create a piece of art, installation, sculpture or another object of art that would be placed within the area on which Terry kept his eye for many years.

The fact that Terry’s office was at Arena it is where the Memorial might be destined yet other places such as Overbury Rd, Catwalk Place, Cara House will be considered in relation to the overall project’s idea.

We are keen that the artist(s) has their own stamp on the project and hope that this will be a platform to showcase their work as well as a great way to pay our respects and remember Terry by the creative warehouse community of Manor House.

Application deadline midnight 7th April 2017

Email us at: to receive application pack



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